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Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel
8 Cooks Hole Road, London,
London EN2 0UD

Contact: Thomas Pipkin
Phone: 0208 367 4625


Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel
Customer Testimonials

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2nd Feb 2015
Elmtree Boarding Cattery

Elmtree Boarding cattery

My Maine coon cat Florence stays at Elmtree several times a year both for short breaks of a couple of days and longer holidays. The pens are large with 2 areas and are always spotlessly clean. 

The staff are always friendly and Florence seems to get lots of attention while she is there. When I take her she walks into the pen with her tail in the air and does not seem in the least bit stressed.

Florence is a long haired cat and the staff are always happy to groom her.

I am very happy with the care that she receives at Elmtree and feel that I can go away without needing to worry about her.



by Sarah Godfrey, Please Select If Applicable

16th Oct 2013
Fantastic - Clean, Professional & Very Caring

Fantastic - clean, professional & very caring

We left our three cats at Elm Tree for a week last week. We usually have them looked after at home so this was a new experience for them (and us), and we were absolutely delighted by how happy, healthy and relaxed they were when we picked them up. 

One of our cats is an aging insulin-dependent diabetic and it is incredibly important to us that he get the best care. The staff at Elm Tree are really brilliant, so caring and affectionate with the animals as well as being super-professional & efficient. 

It is also incredibly clean - I've never been somewhere with so many animals in one place that smells so fresh! They do such a fantastic job & are clearly devoted to the animals. 

I have already spread the word on Facebook and will tell anyone who ever asks that Elm Tree is the perfect place to take care of your loved pet when you're not around to do it yourself. 


by Anna Carr, Middlesex