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FEATURED Stunning Cat Hotel in Staffordshire:

Lemon Suite at The Grove Luxury Cat Hotel

Rose Suite at The Grove Luxury Cat Hotel

Lilac Suite at The Grove Luxury Cat Hotel

Eucalyptus Suite at The Grove Luxury Cat Hotel

We will help you find a caring boarding cattery for your cat with high standards of quality cat accommodation. Find those who care for cats' individual needs and give tablets, drops or injections. You can search for special needs, age considerations, care for medical requirements and much more: start your Advanced Cattery Search now...Luxury cat accommodation

We all know how discerning cats are...

Cats are beautiful, home-loving, fastidious creatures, with acute senses and very particular needs. We adore being loved and owned by our cats.

If you have been avoiding holidays because you cannot bear to leave your cat in a typical boarding cattery, or because you have a rescue cat, you'll be surprised at the luxury catteries and cat hotels available.

This directory was created by those who advise and encourage higher standards in catteries, quality of care, service and design. We advise on the advances made in understanding feline behaviour, especially in boarding catteries.

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